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An Education Health and Care plan (sometimes called an EHCP) is a document that says what support a person who has special educational needs should have.

An EHCP is for students who need more help than school or college can give you.

An EHCP will use information from your Education Health and Care Needs Assessment to say what you want to achieve and what support you must be given.

If you have an EHC plan it will say:
   -  What things you need help with
   -  What education support you will get to help you learn
   -  What health support you might need
   -  What social care support you might need
   -  What you want to do in the future

The first part of your EHCP is called ‘All About Me’ and is where you can say what your interests and goals are.

Your EHCP might have a one page profile so you can say what is important to you and how you want to be supported.

Your EHCP will be looked at every year so you can ask for it to be updated or changed.

If you do not agree with what is in your EHCP you can ask for an early review to check what is written in your EHCP and ask for changes.

You can talk with the local council to see whether you can work out something that everyone is happy with.

You might be able to ask for a decision to be changed. This is called an appeal.