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From Year 9 your school should think about how to help you get ready for adult life.

You have a choice about what to do in the future, including:
   -  What kind of job you want, and what experience you might need.
   -  What skills you might need to become independent.
   -  Getting involved in things happening in the area you live.
   -  How to stay heathy.

You should be given the support you need to take part in making decisions about your future. This could include talking to a careers advisor and asking someone to help you do a vocational profile which is all about what you want to do and find the best way to support you.

If you have an EHCP, your future plans must be a part of your Annual Review. 

When you turn 16 and finish Year 11 you have more say about your education.

Your parents or family members can keep supporting you with making decisions about your future if you want them to.

Remember that you need to stay in training or learning until at least your 18th birthday. This can include:
   -  Staying in education, like college or university
   -  Doing some training, like an apprenticeship, to help you learn new skills

When you move from school to post-16 education or training, you should continue to get the support you need.

Your school should share information about the help you get with your new setting to plan for your transition.

You can get help with your special educational needs until you turn 25.