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If you are aged 25 years or under and need support with learning then you might have an Education Health and Care Needs Assessment.

This is a careful look at what you might need help with.

You and the people who support you will think about what you can do on your own and what you might need more help with.

At the end, they will decide if you need a plan to get you extra support in your school, college or training. This is called an Education, Health and Care plan (sometimes called an EHCP).

An EHCP will use information from your Education Health and Care Needs Assessment to say what you want to achieve and what support you must be given.

Everyone will have a different EHCP because it is all about you and will be tailored to your needs.

All the people that support you will be able to see your EHCP. It should help them work together to support you.

It will help to focus on what you would like to work towards and what you want to achieve in the future.

To have an EHC needs assessment you must:
   -  Be aged 25 years or under
   -  Have special educational needs
   -  Be in education or training

If you are 16 or older then you can ask for an EHC needs assessment yourself.

Other people that can ask for you are:
   -  Your parent or carer
   -  Your school or college

If you want any help asking for an assessment then you can ask us.

If you do not agree with anything then we can make sure your views are heard.

Remember, not everyone who asks for an EHC needs assessment will get one but you should still be able to get the support you need at school or college.