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SEND Partnership Service offer volunteering opportunities where not only will you have the opportunity to feel you can make a difference for families …. but you will also have the opportunity to develop your own personal skills and access training opportunities particularly relating to education provision for children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Regardless of the motivation, what unites them all is that they find it both challenging and rewarding.

SEND Partnership Service (SPS) Parent Champion:
In association with Coram Family and Childcare we launched our Parent Champions in January 2019. Volunteers attend events, groups etc to speak with families about what SPS do and inform them of other organisations which may be able to support their needs locally across B&NES.

There is the option for a Level 1 accreditation in the Parent Champion training.

SEND Partnership Service (SPS) Volunteer Supporters:
Volunteers who are trained by SPS and are able provide impartial information, advice and support to children, young people and parents/carers empowering them to make their own informed decisions with regard to a child or young person’s special educational needs.

Volunteers liaise closely with our Information and Advice Officers who link them with families. Meetings with families may be one to one helping them to gather information and talk about other organisations who may be able to support them further or this role may involve attending meetings with the family and other professionals discussing best practice and options available to support the child or young person.

View our resources to look at the role descriptions to see if they are of interest to you.
Go to our ‘how to get in touch’ and email or phone us for more information or to discuss the opportunities.
Complete and return the application form to us. Upon receipt we will request the references and arrange an interview.
If we all agree to go ahead with the volunteering role we will support you through our induction training and getting you started as a SPS volunteer.

SPS Parent Champion Role Description

SPS Volunteer Application Form 2020

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