created by SPS published on 02 December 2020

When a young person becomes 18, the services they may access change.  If they had been supported by a Children’s Services Social Worker or a Community Paediatrician they may in future be supported by an Adult Social Worker, or their health needs may be looked after by their GP or a hospital consultant. 

Currently young people are offered a referral to the Transitions Panel who will assess what support they will require from Adult Services once they reach 18. 

The Local Authority is seeking to improve the transition process and is seeking the views of parent carers and their young people who live in Bath and North East Somerset.

Please complete the survey below to help the Local Authority improve the Transitions process for Young People.

There is one survey for Parent Carers and a separate one for your young person to complete.  The surveys are in two parts and both sections need to be completed.  Each should only take a few minutes to complete.

Parent/Carer Survey Part 1:

Parent/Carer Survey Part 2:


Young Person Transition Survey Part 1:

Young Person Transition Survey Part 2:

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